The cost of services includes VAT, except for services exempted from taxation under art. 197.1.5 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.

In some cases, upon prior agreement with the patient, prices for some services may be changed:

  • in case of using cheaper materials, without losing the quality of service and the risk of a patient’s life and health (dental services),
  • in case of changing the terms of obtaining the results of tests (laboratory diagnosis),
  • in the event of a significant reduction in the duration of the service (advisory services, massages, instrumental diagnostics, etc.),
  • in case of reduction of the treatment program, without loss of quality of service and the risk of a life-threatening illness or health of the patient, reduction of the volume of used medications than provided by the program, the use of cheaper medicines with similar properties (in-patient treatment, procedures and manipulations)
  • in case of impossibility to provide the patient with a place in the ward of the agreed class with no vacancies in the wards of the corresponding class, the cost of staying in the higher class rooms is reduced.