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In recent years, especially during the hostilities in Ukraine in 2022, our team has been providing medical and psychological assistance to people!

Now we continue to work in the city of Kyiv and in the format of the Mobile Clinic!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Clinic and we look forward to your continued support!


In Kyiv, we offer the following services:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Massage therapy and physical rehabilitation
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Support groups
  • Online doctor’s appointments
  • Medical procedures
  • Dental appointments for emergencies only

While all services listed above are offered free of charge, free dental visits are restricted to patients with disabilities (1, 2 and 3 groups), retirees (retirement certificate required), military personnel and patients who have disorders resulting from Chernobyl disaster.


To schedule an appointment in Kyiv, please, call our Clinic:

0800 33 68 12 (Free in Ukraine)

+38 063 888 00 62 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)

+38 096 888 00 62

Our address in Kyiv:

3 Larysy Rudenko Street, Kyiv, Ukraine

In 2022, the “Angelia” Clinic conducted Mobile Clinics in 56 settlements: cities, towns, villages – wherever residents needed medical assistance! Our doctors also provided medical assistance in cities where forcibly displaced people from war zones and evacuated children’s boarding schools are located. We provide medical care to everyone who needs it. In particular, we visited the following settlements: Kharkiv, Izyum, Bucha, Ukrainka, Chernihiv, Dnipro, Nemishaeve, Borodyanka, Fastiv, Boyarka, Irpin, Ternopil, Kreminets, Ternopil, Vinnytsia and others.

People were able to receive consultations from doctors and psychologists, as well as receive help from a physical rehabilitator, massage and other medical services.

As part of the Mobile Clinic, there were mobile gynecological and dental offices: these are special medical vehicles equipped with appropriate equipment. The gynecological office is equipped with a gynecological chair, a video colposcope and everything necessary for a doctor’s appointment. The mobile dental office is equipped with a dental chair and all the necessary tools and materials. The main thing is that these offices on wheels provide an opportunity to provide people with quality medical services in those cities where stationary hospitals are often destroyed or damaged.

Thanks to the presence of a mobile laboratory, the “Angelia” clinic performs express tests: general blood test, blood sugar test, urine test.

Also, at the Mobile Clinic, people could receive the following medical services: ultrasound diagnosis of the thyroid gland, ultrasound diagnosis of internal organs, as well as an electrocardiogram of the heart.

Immediately after the results of the diagnosis, our doctors make an appointment and prescribe a treatment plan for the patient.

Also, as part of the provision of free medical care after consultations with doctors, we provide medical support to patients (free medicines).

We have an electric generator for the uninterrupted operation of the electrical equipment of the Mobile Clinic, so we were able to provide medical assistance in those settlements where there was no electricity for a long time due to military operations.

We continue to implement the “Mobile Clinic” project to provide medical assistance to citizens of Ukraine in those settlements where such assistance is vitally necessary, and we are grateful to everyone for their support!


Angelia Clinic is helping Ukrainians by providing them with free medicines during the war. We have been transporting medicines, first aid supplies and hygiene products to dozens of Ukrainian cities and towns, where we distribute them among clinics, churches and Ukrainians. Here are some cities that have received our assistance: Bucha, Nizhyn, Chernihiv, Shostka, Bilopillia, Romny, Pryluky, Sumy, Boiarka, Bila Tserkva, Schors, Horodnia, Konotop, Tarashcha, Boguslav, Nosivka, Bobrovytsia, Brovary, Kyiv, Lokhvytsia, Khorol, Myrgorod, Tchortkiv, Truskavets, Stryi, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Chernivtsi and the area, Rzhyshchiv, Kaharlyk, Ukrainka, Obukhiv, Kramatorsk, Sloviansk, Poltava, Lutsk, Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Boryspil’.

Besides transporting medicines to cities and towns, we provide all patients of Angelia with them, free of charge.

Since the beginning of Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, Angelia Clinic is actively involved in supplying Ukrainians with humanitarian aid as well as in evacuation of people from war-affected areas. We serve people this way along with other organizations, including SDA Church.

During the first three weeks, more than 1000 people have been evacuated.

Even though our main service efforts are directed to providing high quality medical help, Angelia Clinic provides people living in war zones as well as in refugee camps with humanitarian help. We transport food, drinking bottled water, personal hygiene supplies and clothes to different Ukrainian places. For example, we have been able to distribute more than ten tons of bread and tons of other food items.

  • Loaves of bread have been transported to Kyiv and other cities.
  • A 7-seat Peugot minivan has been gifted to Angelia Clinic by La Ligniere Clinic.
  • More than 5 loads of humanitarian aid have been received, more than 10 van loads were sent to cities. We are going to send more and more.
  • ADRA evacuation vans have been used as a means for aid to be sent to hard-to-reach regions.

Dear friends!  We take care of you, therefore, according to the instructions, medical services are not provided during an air alarm and the appointment schedule may be shifted – you can wait in the Clinic in a safe place to resume work after the alarm is canceled. Your safety and health are important to us!

Open hours

Monday 08:00-21:00
Tuesday 08:00-21:00
Wednesday 08:00-21:00
Thursday 08:00-21:00
Friday 08:00-16:00
Sunday 09:00-18:00


We are united by a great desire to work and serve people

CEO, Psychiatrist, Narcologist

COO, Practicing Psychologist

CMO, Therapist, Family Doctor


Our doctors combine the best international methods of treatment with the highest possible activation of the body resources.


All employees of the Clinic have chosen to help people as their priority, bringing back joy to a healthy life to them. This choice requires not only professionalism, but also respect, love, loyalty and honesty. Therefore, we devote all our energy, time and resources to our goal: we want to see our patients healthy and happy!


Exceptional care. No exceptions.

Get professional treatment in your own house

Professional teeth whitening and ultrasound cleaning

Prevent the problems and maintain good health!

Distance is not a hindrance

Medicine is truly one of the noblest of all sciences.

/ Hippocrates /

Patients’ feedback

Поздравляю всех сотрудников этой замечательной клиники с наступающим праздником и желаю процветания, здоровья вам и вашим близким! Особая благодарность Сергею Леонидовичу , Наталье Васильевне, медсестрам. Обильных Божьих благословений!
Людмила Азарова
Людмила Азарова
31. грудень, 2021.
Хочу подякувати лікару стоматологу-хірургу Катеринюку Віталію Олександровичу та асистенту Юлії Поздняковій за високий професіоналізм та чудове відношення!!!
Kate Zymenko
Kate Zymenko
13. грудень, 2021.
Подяка клініці "Ангелія" і безпосередньо Серденюк Юлії Вікторівні за актуальну та корисну інформацію,відкритість та готовність відповісти на будь-яке питання з позиції як експерта, так і людини.
Даша Мельничук
Даша Мельничук
6. грудень, 2021.
Моя супруга Валентина лечится в клинике «Ангелия». Я выражаю особенную благодарность персоналу этой клиники, в частности генеральному директору, врачу-психиатру-наркологу ЮРИЮ БОНДАРЕНКО, врачу-психиатру ЮЛИИ СЕРДЕНЮК и врачу-психиатру ЕЛЕНЕ КАМИНСКОЙ, а также медсестрам и техническому персоналу. Лечение протекает очень тяжело, но врачи не отступают и не опускают руки. Вот уже третий месяц постоянно ищут новых путей решения проблемы – как правильно подобрать терапию, чтобы добиться результата и закрепить его. Я искренни молюсь Богу, чтоб Он дал вам, уважаемые врачи, мудрости в вашем нелегком труде. Я верю, что вы найдете правильное решение этой непростой задачи. Благословений вам и вашим семьям.
Геннадий Румянцев
Геннадий Румянцев
4. грудень, 2021.
Медичні послуги на високому рівні. Дуже гарне християнське та професійне ставлення персоналу, чисті світлі палати, можливість займатися на тренажерах, харчування супер корисно, поживно, вітамінно, Гарні можливості для спілкування з капеланом. Лікують душу, тіло в розум, щира подяка
3. грудень, 2021.
Рекомендую лікаря невролога Наталія Василівна, дуже хороший лікар, і весь персонал клініки приємний, дякую за допомогу яку мені надали, а також подяка Юрію Олександрійовичу.
Маркус Ганчер
Маркус Ганчер
23. листопад, 2021.
Радует не только компетентность врачей, а ещё и индивидуальный подход с искренним желанием помочь. Спасибо вам ♥️
Евгения Куренчук
Евгения Куренчук
22. листопад, 2021.