Mobile Clinic

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Mobile Medical Clinic

During the martial law in Ukraine, Angelia Clinic continues to provide medical care in remote areas, including the accommodation of internally displaced persons from cities where hostilities are taking place.

Our doctors, nurses and psychologists go to remote places – refugee camps where there is no medical care. Due to the presence of a mobile laboratory, Angelia Clinic performs rapid tests: general blood test, rapid blood glucose test, urinalysis.

Our mobile gynecology is equipped with video colposcopy and allows you to conduct a comprehensive examination of women.

We also provide other medical diagnostics of citizens for free: ultrasound diagnosis of the thyroid gland and of internal organs, as well as an electrocardiogram of the heart. Having examined the results of the diagnosis, our doctors make an appointment and treatment plan for sick people. Also, as part of the provision of free medical care after consultation with doctors, we provide medical support to patients – free medicine.

We have already set up mobile clinics in IDP camps to help hundreds of war refugees, including hundreds of children and students.