Professional heeth whitening

together with an ultrasonic cleansing

Сияющая улыбка после отбеливания

Give yourself a shining smile!

We want our smile to stay charming at all times. And the latest achievements and modern technologies allow this! Thanks to the procedure of teeth whitening your smile will shine brightly!

All dentists know that in order to achieve the right effect from whitening, it is necessary to clean teeth from stones and plaque, which occur due to the use of different drinks, food and… in general, from life. The best way to do this is to provide professional ultrasound cleaning together with Air-Flow technology and polishing. Therefore, we decided to offer you the whole range of services! A whitening system Magic Smile, which is used in our clinic, is suitable for those who have sensitive teeth.

The cost of  whitening + cleansing services includes:

1) primary examination and consultation of a dentist
2) professional ultrasound cleaning and polishing
3) A hardware photo-whitening with the Magic Smile system of the latest generation
4) recommendations for further oral hygiene and dental care

More detailed information about whitening technology and answers on the frequent questions you can read in the article myths and realities of teeth whitening.

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