With whatever problem you have not addressed to us, we have a solution! We carry out treatment in the hospital in the following areas:

  • Broncho-pulmonary (bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, etc.)
  • Renal (pyelonephritis, cystitis, secondary renal lesions, etc.)
  • Cardiovascular (hypertension, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, other heart diseases)
  • Gastric (gastritis, non-infectious hepatitis, pancreatitis, functional digestive disorders, etc.)
  • Problems with joints (arthritis, arthrosis, connective tissue diseases, etc.)
  • Spine-health (osteochondrosis, lesions of rootlets, etc.)
  • Metabolism problems (endocrine diseases and metabolic diseases)
  • Neurological (consequences of strokes, polyneuropathy, plexitis, other lesions of the nervous system)
  • Psychiatric (depression, phobia, non-chemical dependence, BAP, mild schizophrenia, etc.)
  • Narcological (chemical dependencies: alcoholic, narcotic)

Day hospital with a 24-hours stay

The private hospital of Angelia clinic is an excellent alternative for those to whom treatment in an ordinary state hospital delivers unnecessary anxiety and stress, as well as for business people who, due to circumstances, can not permanently stay in the hospital. Patients in the day hospital have the opportunity to lead a habitual way of life, regularly visiting the clinic and following all the doctor’s instructions. This means that all necessary procedures (injections, droppers, etc.), tests and examination can be carried out at the clinic, and then patients may go home or work.

*The word “hospital” refers to a day hospital with the possibility of overnight stays.

In the clinic, you can also undergo treatment at a day hospital with a 24-hours stay. This form of treatment is perfect for residents of other cities, people who need preventive treatment of chronic diseases, as well as patients whose treatment does not require 24-hour doctors’ control.


  • Constant supervision by a team of health professionals
  • Intensive treatment allows you to reduce the period of illness
  • Minimization of complications
  • Providing manipulations and procedures that can’t be done at home

Intensive patient’s treatment is provided in a friendly atmosphere thanks to the exceptional staff care and staying in clean and comfortable rooms.

Fixed cost of "all-inclusive" treatment

The price of treatment is fixed, which allows you not to worry about unexpected costs. Just select the desired package and get the maximum result! The price includes all the necessary medicines, and you only pay a fixed amount per day, which depends only on the severity grade of the disease. On top of the highest quality of services, we guarantee the use of original medicines, which we purchase from trusted suppliers only.

Treatment programs

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+38 (044) 577 30 44

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Open Hours

MONDAY 09:00-20:00
TUESDAY 09:00-20:00
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THURSDAY 09:00-20:00
FRIDAY 09:00-16:00
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Service packages

What's included in the price

Angelia hospital inpatient “all inclusive” treatment includes a 24-hour stay, all necessary medicines, doctors’ support, nursing care, diagnostics and medical procedures according to the chosen package. Additionally, we provide transfers from the airport, railway and bus stations, laundry services. Also, extra services as accommodation in more comfortable wards, accommodation of relatives in the ward together with the patient or in a separate ward, an organization of leisure, escort for foreigners, etc are possible at a surcharge.

Accommodation options

Double in the Standard+ room (toilet and washbasin are in the room, a shower is common) Included in the price
Single in the Standard room (washbasin is in the room, a bathroom is common) Included in the price
Single in the Standard+ room (toilet and washbasin are in the room, a shower is common) Extra cost as per price-list
Single in the Comfort room (individual bathroom, king-size double bed, desk) Extra cost as per price-list

Doctors and personnel

A dedicated team that works for your health

Yury Bondarenko

Chief Doctor of the Angelia Clinic, psychiatrist - narcologist.

Serhii Serdenyuk

Head of Medical Department, Therapist, Family doctor

Yuliya Serdenyuk

Psychiatrist, sexologist, general practitioner of family medicine

Artem Naida

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Elena Vladovskaya

Manager of the staff and marketing. Practicing psychologist.

Oksana Rubtsova

Head nurse

Galina Osadchaya

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Valery Zinyukov

Ultrasound doctor



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