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Medical examination and issuance of state certificate

Many parents are horrified about the mandatory medical examination before the start of the new school year. Many hours waiting in queue for the doctor. There are not enough state doctors even in Kiev, so it becomes clear why a round of 7-8 doctors turns into a multi-day torture. Some people even have to spend their holidays like this – dragging the child exhausted by the expectation and boredom of the doctors. Is it because of the extremely tired by the flow of patients, doctors often examine children in a hurry and “for a tick”?

And it’s so easy to miss some alarming symptom, do not put an important diagnosis.

Angelia clinic has an appropriate license and accreditation, which gives us the right to conduct routine medical examinations, allowing us to turn the formal round of doctors into a full-scale examination.

Medical examinations of children in Angelia clinic have many benefits:

  • Will save your time. Visits to doctors are planned on time. You can sign up for a time that will be convenient for you. 
  • Is a high-quality health check. Doctors of Angelia clinic conduct medical examinations “not for a tick”.
  • You’ll get a state medical certificate, which will be accepted by any children’s institution.

Check your child’s health and get an official health certificate for a kindergarten, school, pool or summer camp – without queues, for one visit!

What kinds of health check certificates do we issue:

  • Annual school or kindergarten health check certificate (except the initial health check before the first year’s admission)
  • Colledge/University health certificate
  • Health certificate for attending a sports section, swimming pool
  • Health certificate for attending a summer camp
  • Certificate of illness (if getting treatment in our clinic)

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