Exceptional care about You. No exceptions.


Effective treatment in your own house

When you are ill, the last thing you want is to be taken away from home. We will therefore instead, come to your home with all the adequate treatments.

  • Doctor’s consultations for children and adults
  • Blood and other tests
  • Field diagnostics (ultrasound, ECG)
  • Medical procedures (injections, droppers, bandages, etc.)

We will do everything for a quick and comfortable recovery!


Preventive Medicine is the key to success

Some diseases, including cancer, can for a long time not manifest themselves and people will feel completely healthy.

More than 80% of diseases detected at an early stage can be cured.


No queues, in 1 visit

Check your child’s health and get medical certificate for school, swimming pool or summer camp – without queues and in one visit:

  • Medical examination, vision examination and child’s developmental check
  • Measuring the aerobic resistance to short-term effort and the cardiac recovery capacity (Ruthier’s test)
  • Monitoring  person’s oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry)


When creams or diets don't help, massage therapy really works

Anti-cellulite massage therapy provided by a well-trained specialist is an effective principle that is recognized and proven by the scientific community. Yet stimulating the surface of the skin sends a signal deep down to the cells (fat cells and fibroblasts) to provoke a physiological response (activation of collagen and elastin production or activation of lipolysis).


Give yourself a shiny smile!

We offer a variety of services for the health and beauty of your teeth:

  • Hardware Blue light teeth whitening Magic Smile with no damage to teeth
  • 3 in 1 professional cleaning (ultrasound, AirFlow and polishing)
  • Correction of the occlusion and teeth positioning by an orthodontist
  • Oral hygiene training


There are no limits for them

  • Complex support for foreigners
  • Doctors who speak medical English
  • International methods of therapy
  • Leisure activities for hospital patients


Price for treatment is fixed

We have done everything to keep you away from stress, so you can concentrate efforts on recovery:

  • Full services packages for intense treatment and recovery
  • All necessary medicines are included in the price
  • Accommodation for relatives
  • All sorts of services: transportation, laundry etc.


Distance is not an obstacle

  • Consultation online with a psychologist
  • Consultation online with an expert in narcology for addict relatives
  • Consultation online with a psychiatrist for relatives of mentally sick people

We can help!


Specialists share their knowledge and experience

Different training programs for skills development and disease prevention:

  • Psychological help in military conflicts
  • Family relationships and parenting psychology
  • Healthy lifestyle programs
  • How to cope with any kinds of addiction
  • Massage therapy courses
  • Individual programs for patients’ needs

Bringing back to joy of a healthy life