It is not a secret to anyone that new realities that have come into our daily life harm our mental health. The rapid rythm of life, the internet addiction, our desire to be successful –  these are stress factors that constantly attack us. Your children are teenagers. Your parents get older and suffer from illnesses. You face the loss of a loved person… Sometimes you are loaded with problems and you just don’t know what to do… or you know that you are not strong enough. The conversations in the kitchen heart to heart do not help you anymore, but life goes on and you should try to learn how to cope with these problems.

A psychologist is a person who will not only listen to you, but will help you cope with these problems. A psychologist will teach you how to control your own emotions and how to make the right decisions.


Reasons to consult a psychologist

  • Crisis situations (unfamiliar, complex, atypical circumstances we do not know how to deal with)
  • A difficult period (the problem is protracted and all resources for its decision have been exhausted)
  • Nervous breakdown (nervous overexertion caused by a constant or increasing feeling of anxiety)
  • Loneliness (loneliness typically includes feelings of anxiety because of the lack of connection or communication with others. We want to solve the problem diving into a routine, but it doesn’t work)
  • Addictions (not only our personal, but of our loved ones too)
  • Unresolved conflicts

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