Treatment of all kinds of addictions

лечение зависимоти

Treatment is carried out according to the program developed by “Angelia” Clinic.

Every addict has not only a physical component of addiction, but also a mental component, and spiritual, and the last one often becomes the reasons for a return to a bad habit. That is why in our Center we not only carry out detoxification (we deduce the remnants of harmful substances) to relieve physical dependence, but psychologists and chaplains work with the patients to identify and correct the cause of this dependence at the mental and spiritual levels.

Day Care

The private sector of Angelia Clinic is an excellent alternative for those to whom treatment in an ordinary state hospital delivers unnecessary anxiety and stress, as well as for business people who, due to circumstances, can not permanently stay in the hospital. Day care patients have the opportunity to keep up with their usual way of life, regularly visiting the Clinic and following the doctor’s instructions. This means that all necessary procedures (injections, droppers, etc.), tests and examination can be carried out at the Clinic and then patients may go home or work.

In the Clinic, you can also undergo day care treatment with a 24-hour stay. This form of treatment is perfect for residents of other cities, people who need preventive treatment of chronic diseases, as well as patients whose treatment does not require 24-hour doctors’ control.


  • Constant supervision by a team of health professionals
  • Intensive treatment allows you to reduce the period of illness
  • Minimization of complications
  • Providing manipulations and procedures that can’t be done at home

Intensive patient’s treatment is provided in a friendly atmosphere thanks to the exceptional staff care and staying in clean and comfortable rooms.

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