Passive rehabilitation

In order to achieve the best treatment results, we offer courses of massage therapy in addition to medical procedures and manipulations.

Our treatment approach is aimed to restore the ability to move without any effort and pain. We aim to help our clients to reduce pain, speed-up healing, stabilize health condition and return the joy of life. Restorative therapy, such as massage therapy works better when you feel comfortable and calm. Therefore you should be confident in the experience of the massage specialists and fully trust them. You’ll get the best results in our clinic thanks to the professionalism of our experts, commitment to their mission and excellent reputation.

Types of massage we do:

  • Massage therapy
  • Post-traumatic massage
  • Massage for children
  • Anticellulite massage
  • Anti-stress massage

The full list can be found in the “price” section on our website.

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A dedicated team that works for your health

Galina Gulita

Masseur, healthy lifestyle counselor

Yuliya Shirokih


Viktor Vyatokha

Specialist in Spine Treatment

Ivan Hruhorash

Traumatologist, orthopedist



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