For a couple of years, dentistry department of Angelica Clinic successfully provides teeth and gum treatment and is a leader in root canal treatment. Our dentists cooperate with doctors from “Loma Linda Dentistry School” (California, USA) and practice the best international methods of treatment. The highest quality of their work is backed by the 3 years warranty.

Advantages of dental treatment in Angelica Clinic::

  • qualified and experienced doctors;
  • specialized equipment from the leading manufacturers;
  • original materials and consumables of the highest quality;
  • maximum attention to each patient (planned appointment lasts 1 hour);
  • thorough sterilization and storage of tools in a specially equipped room;
  • warranty for treatment up-to 3 years. 

Dentistry services:
– consulting of all dental diseases
– pulpitis and periodontitis treatment
– root canal treatment (endodontics)
– periodontitis treatments
– dental prosthetics
– orthodontics
– fiberglass reinforcement of anterior and lateral teeth with restoration of anatomical shape
– splinting of teeth
– aesthetic restoration
– teaching a complex oral hygiene
– teeth whitening
– kids dental checkups
– preventive dentistry
– teeth extraction
– malocclusion and dentition correction

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