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Provide professional medical care and improve the quality of people’s lives through a return to a healthy lifestyle

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Angelia is a mental and physical health Clinic.

It originally started in 2014 as a social center, helping migrants from Eastern Ukraine, disabled people, elderly people, women, children, cooperating with public and charity organizations of ADRA Ukraine, ADRA Canada, ADRA Germany.

In 2016 our Center has received a medical license. The creation of this Clinic is based on the idea of ​​a unique Clinic, which applies the holistic approach to treatment and disease prevention of patients, organically combining physical, emotional and spiritual health.

OUR MISSION: to spread the ministry of healing of Jesus Christ through the provision of professional and quality medical care.


  • Treat, heal, teach a healthy lifestyle
  • Save people through their acquaintance with God


  • Dedication – readiness to selflessly serve God through the provision of medical services
  • Honesty – high moral qualities
  • Compassion – to understand and feel sympathy to people
  • Integrity – physical, spiritual, social and mental health
  • Perfection – using all your abilities and talents
  • Confidentiality – adherence to medical ethics and deontology
  • Professionalism – responsibility, high quality work and striving for perfection

OUR TOP PRIORITY is a Christocentric and holistic approach to caring for health of every patient.

We work according to the best standards of care.

In Kyiv, Angelia Clinic is represented by an outpatient clinic and a hospital. We are operating in a building with modern facilities. We also offer a special entrance for patients with disabilities.

Family doctor, otolaryngologist, obstetrician-gynecologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, ultrasound doctor, psychiatrist and narcologist, psychologists, psychotherapists and addiction counselors work in our Clinic. We carry out drips, injections, paravertebral blockades, etc. Our physical rehabilitation program offers consultations with a rehabilitation specialist, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, restorative fitness and a lot of outdoor activities under the supervision of a healthy lifestyle instructor.

In Kyiv, our Clinic has a blood collection point for more than 2,000 tests.

We provide a full range of dental services, such as prevention, orthodontics, orthopedics and surgery. Equipped with modern chairs from leading manufacturers, a separate X-ray room and a sterilization room, our dental department works with the most reliable dental materials and tools.

Inpatient treatment is comfortable and effective. Our Center can provide and 24/7 medical support. We provide 9 wards and 14 beds. Healthy food is also available and transportation can be provided.

In this difficult war time, we do our best to support the people of Ukraine. Because of hostilities we also work in Chernivtsi, using mobile clinics. Our doctors provide medical care in different places of our country.

We have a car equipped for mobile gynecology to service outpatient clinics. There is also a mobile express laboratory – a blood and urine analyzer, where you can do a general blood test, rapid blood glucose test and rapid urinalysis. Mobile clinics offer ultrasound diagnostics of abdominal and peritoneal organs, pelvic organs, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, electrocardiogram. Thus, we conduct a basic examination of human health and provide medical recommendations.

We also provide consultations online. It is convenient for our patients in Ukraine and abroad.

During the treatment, we teach our patients a healthy lifestyle, as well as conduct specialized courses in various areas, such as courses for psychologists, addiction counselors, palliative care, seminars, lectures, trainings. Our doctors and specialists are frequent speakers in the media on TV projects and radio broadcasts. Through such activities, we can bring the news of a healthy lifestyle to people.

We have carried out many of our own and joint charitable projects with other organizations for various categories of population, including IDPs suffering from the war in Ukraine, people with disabilities, retirees and large families.

Our Clinic is constantly evolving, our doctors and specialists are constantly improving their skills. We cooperate with foreign medical organizations, participate in many medical projects together with church, state and world humanitarian organizations.

Angelia is a member of the worldwide organization Adventist Health International (THE USA) and a member of the Adventist Care Network, Europe, which assists the introduction of high standards of giving medical help. We have a close cooperation with the University Clinic of Loma Linda Medical University (California). In 2019 the University Clinic of Loma Linda Medical University was recognized as the best regional hospital and health care system Centura Health Clinics (Colorado) in the USA. Our cooperation promotes the professional development of our doctors due to introduction of the modern world methods of treatment and disease prevention, experience exchange, general consultations.

We provide quality medical services, bringing back joy to a healthy life!

Services and areas of treatment

  • Doctors’ consultations in the main areas
  • Laboratory and instrumental diagnostics in one place
  • Hospital treatment with improved services
  • Dentistry
  • Treatment procedures (medical and non-pharmacological)
  • Home treatment: consultation, diagnosis, tests
  • Help of psychologist and psychiatrist
  • Treatment of addictions
  • Spine treatment
  • Massage therapy, rehabilitation
  • Restorative fitness
  • Training and prevention programs
Areas of treatment
Areas of treatment
  • Broncho-pulmonary (bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy etc.)
  • Renal (pyelonephritis, cystitis, secondary renal lesions etc.)
  • Cardiovascular (hypertension, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, other heart diseases)
  • Gastric (gastritis, non-infectious hepatitis, pancreatitis, functional digestive disorders etc.)
  • Problems with joints (arthritis, arthrosis, connective tissue diseases etc.)
  • Spine health (osteochondrosis, lesions of rootlets etc.)
  • Metabolism problems (endocrine and metabolic diseases)
  • Neurological (consequences of strokes, polyneuropathy, plexitis, other lesions of the nervous system)

Our partners

Our doctors closely cooperate with one of the leading medical universities in the USA (Loma Linda Medical University, California) and widely practice international methods of treatment. Angelia Clinic is a member of the worldwide organization Adventist Health International.


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