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Treatment of all kinds of dependencies

лечение зависимоти

Treatment is carried out according to the program developed by the Angelia clinic.

Each dependent person has not only a physical component of dependence, but also a mental component, and spiritual, and the last one often becomes the reasons for a return to a bad habit. That is why in our Center we not only carry out detoxification (we deduce the remnants of harmful substances) to relieve physical dependence, but psychologists and chaplains work with the patients to identify and correct the cause of this dependence at the mental and spiritual levels.

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Doctors and personnel

A dedicated team that works for your health

Elena Vladovskaya


Yury Bondarenko

Chief Physician, Psychiatrist, Narcologist

Olena Kolosovich

Specialist in addiction treatment, psychologist, chaplain.

Natalia Sheshurjak




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